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~ CLEARANCE ~ Evil Eye Chakra Balancing Bracelet

~ CLEARANCE ~ Evil Eye Chakra Balancing Bracelet

Weekly Tarot

The Universe will do justice for you and make everyone who has wronged you pay for what they did, so trust the bigger plan and don't take revenge in your own hands.


Balance your 7 Chakras with this beautiful bracelet made of quartz beads and an Evil Eye charm to help you get rid of all negativity from your body, soul, spirit and life!

Red Chakra - Root: Instinct, Survival, and Security.

Yellow Chakra  - Sacral: Sexuality, Vitality, and Sociality.

Brown Chakra - Solar Plexus: Power, Control, and Confidence.

Green Chakra - Heart: Love, Balance, and Compassion.

Cerulean Chakra - Throat: Expression and Communication.

Dark Blue Chakra - Third Eye: Psychic Abilities and Creativity.

Purple Chakra - Crown: Spirituality, Maturity and Wisdom.

This evil eye chakra bracelet has been cleaned, cleansed, energetically treated, and charged using Quartz and Crystals to help you keep your energy protected and your chakras open, balanced, and aligned. It comes packaged as shown in the pics with a Security Sticker on the back, so you know that no one has touched or tampered with it, to keep its energy pure and clean and exclusively for you. 

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