Policy & Disclaimer

  • Tarot Readings Policy 

All readings are conducted online and on the spot via Direct Messages, Video Call, Private Youtube Video or Text.

After booking please contact me via Social Media, Email or Phone to redeem your reading (waiting times can apply depending on demand or different time zones).

My Tarot Readings have a resonance guaranteed policy, so if by the end of your session you feel that the reading didn’t ring any bell or if it did not resonate with you, just let me know and I will refund your payment entirely. as your happiness, satisfaction and well-being is my main priority.

  • Tarot Reading Disclaimer & Waiver 

Weekly Tarot is for Entertainment Purpose Only, so by booking a Tarot Reading you fully understand that the message delivered for you is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken as a fact or medical, judicial, financial or personal advice, releasing the Tarot Reader / Provider of the Service from any liability about the decisions you make, because the message of the Tarot Cards is not fixed on stone, since you are the master and designer of your future with the actions and decisions you take; so be wiser and trust your knowledge, experience and intuition to make the right decisions in life for and by yourself.

  • Merchandise Policy

Weekly Tarot merchandise is bought by bulk directly from the producers and then cleaned, cleansed and treated (energetically), before being packaged and up for Sale.

All products go through different ancient rituals to either be infused with protective energy, good luck, courage, etc. 

So when you buy, you get products blessed, packed and shipped directly from the United States. 

  • Merchandise Disclaimer and Waiver.

Weekly Tarot Merchandise is for entrainment purposes only, so understand that the magic, protection, good luck and positive vibes infused on the products sold in this site relies more within you and in your beliefs than in the product per se. So don't take things for granted when using Weekly Tarot Merchandise and understand that your fate or life events cannot be controlled or influenced by an object, therefore Weekly Tarot, Flipping Esoteric or Sir Helder Amos are not responsible for the events that happen in your life when wearing the products sold in this site, so by purchasing you fully understand this and release Weekly Tarot, Flipping Esoteric, and Sir Helder Amos from any liability related to your life.