Discover the message the Universe
has for you and find the answers,
guidance or clarity you seek
with an online and personalized
Tarot or Natal Chart Reading.

Book with confidence as all services have a
Resonance Guaranteed Policy

Tarot Card Readings are perfect for everyone looking for guidance, clarity and peace of mind.Since the Tarot Cards are filled with ancient knowledge and symbolism that can help you discover the message the Universe have for you or provide you answers to your questions or doubts.

Turn Around: Immediately / Online.
Format: Zoom, DM, Text or Video.

Natal Charts are perfect for everyone wanting to understand and know themselves better.Because just as the moon influences the sea level, by analyzing the planetary position at the date of your birth, you can understand the influence each planet has on you and your life.

Turn Around: 3 to 5 days.
Format: 15 ~ 20 Pages, PDF File.

Reviews of Tarot Readings Online.

Your satisfaction and happiness are the main priorities here, that's why all my readings have aResonance Guaranteed Policy.So if you feel that the message of the reading is way to off or doesn't resonate with you at all, you can ask for more clarity or a full refund of your money.

DISCLAIMER AND WAIVER: By booking a service you fully understand that all readings are for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken as a fact or medical, judicial, financial or personal advice, releasing from any liability about the decisions you make the Reader / Provider of the Service, so be wiser and trust your knowledge, experience and intuition to make the right decisions in life for and by yourself.

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Book with confidence as all services have a
Resonance Guaranteed Policy

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