Collection: B2B ~ Business-To-Business Information

Filed in the State of Florida, and with Vendor Licenses and Permity in Polk County and Davenport City, Weekly Tarot (Flipping Esoteric) is a Sole Proprietor LLC, so all the content, products, designs, packaging, marketing strategies, and tactics are created and implemented by Sir Helder Amos. 

If you are a business or corporation and would like to do business with me, please feel free to contact me via email: 

As a business I can provide you:

- Wholesale Products: If you are interested in selling Weekly Tarot's Merchandise (Bracelets, Amulets, Keychains, Crystals, and Home Decor for Evil Eye Protection, Chakra Balancing Energy, and more) in your store or small business, I can provide the best prices for you to retail and re-sale. 

- Editorial Content: If you'd like to mystify your Magazine, Newspaper, or Website I can provide you with Horoscopes; Articles about Astrology, the Tarot Cards, Evil Eye, Esoteric, Spiritual Awakening, Symbolism, Illuminati, and more; in demand. Ask for a quote below. 

- Podcast or Video Guest: If you'd like to have someone in your podcast or videos to talk about the Tarot Cards, Spirituality, Astrology, and all topics related to the Spiritual World, I am available for bookings. 

- Party Entertainment: For party planners, if you would like to add some mysticism to your Party, either for Halloween, Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Gender Reveal, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, I can bring my Tarot Cards, Mystery Envelopes, and Courtesy Merchandise to help you. Ask for a Quote Below.  

- Party Favors: If you are looking to give your guests a gift to remember your party, I can help you with the best quality and vibes gifts from my Store with Custom or Party Boxes Gift Set that goes accordingly to your party and needs. 

- Corporate Events Entertainment: If you are having a conference or special corporate event and would like to uplift your workers or clients with the Special Message of the Cards, I can help you with that. Ask for a quote below.

- Restaurants, Bars, or Disco Special Theme Nights: If you own a Bar, Disco, or Restaurant and would like to have a Tarot Reader on a regular basis in your location to attract clientele to your business. Ask for a Quote Below. 

- Corporate / Business Gifts: If you are a company looking to treat your customers or workers with a special and unique gift filled with the best vibes, I can provide you the best price for Gift Boxes or Mystery Boxes that suit your needs. Ask for a Quote Below.  

- Business Consultations: If you own a business and are facing obstacles I could help you bring insights into your situation, or if you just would like to emulate my way of doing business, I am open to consultations and guiding people into starting their own entrepreneurial journey.  

- Custom Packaging or Designs For your Business: Just like I did with my own merchandise and products, I can also help you create and craft the best packages for your products and store. 

- Influencer / User Generated Content (UGC) Creator: If you are looking for an influencer in the Spiritual field or UGC Creator for making videos, shorts, and take pics of your products related to the Spiritual Business (Tarot Card Decks, Candles, Amulets, etc) I can also help you with that. 

- And more: I am also open to discussing new business ideas, sponsorships, and business-to-business deals that could benefit us both, so just email me with your project and I will evaluate it. 

For Asking a Quote about the Services above stated please pick below the option that best suits your needs or email me at: