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Energy Balancing Chakra Necklace with Quartz Crystals

Energy Balancing Chakra Necklace with Quartz Crystals

Weekly Tarot

Made with resin and filled with Quartz Crystal Stones and a Spiral Copper Wire,  this Chakra Necklace is perfect for those looking to bring balance to their life.

It will help you keep your chakras open, balance your energy, and boost your psychic abilities and intuition to keep yourself aligned and connected to your higher self.

Amethyst: Protection. Stress & Anxiety Relief

Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom. Intuition. Enlightenment

Turquoise: Assertivity. Optimism. Good Health

Carnelian: Abundance. Prosperity. Ambition.

Tyger Eye: Strenght. Willpower. Motivation.

Red Jasper: Grounding. Relaxation. Sex Drive.

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