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7 Chakra Balancing Natural Quartz Crystal Stones.

7 Chakra Balancing Natural Quartz Crystal Stones.

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Crystals Quartz Stones help you balance and recharge your energy. They are cool to the touch and well-known for their holistic uses for helping you improve your physical and mental health.

This set of 7 Chakra Natural Stones will help you to balance your chakras for inner harmony.

Crafted from natural quartz crystal, the stones are excellent for chakra balancing and healing.

The stones vary in size and weight, with each stone measuring between 0.75" to 1.25". 

Clear Quartz: Healing. Clarity. Creativity.

Amethyst: Protection. Stress & Anxiety Relief

Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom. Intuition. Enlightenment

Green Aventurine: Well-Being. Balance. Luck.

Carnelian: Abundance. Prosperity. Ambition.

Tyger Eye: Strenght. Willpower. Motivation.

Red Jasper: Grounding. Relaxation. Sex Dri

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