Top 9 Mother's Day Gift Ideas Picked Up by My Mom!!

Mother's Day Spiritual Gift Ideas!

Mother's Day is just around the corner!

So I sat my mom next to me and made her go through all the merchandise I have so she could pick her favorite bracelets and amulets for me to recommend you to get your mom for this Mother's Day.

And these are the ones she picked:

Mother's Day gift ideas

      1. Chiming Bell Evil Eye Bracelet: "I like the bell on this one is so soothing!" My Mom said.
      2. Set of 2 ~ Classic Evil Eye Bracelet (Threaded): "These ones, because I like using them all the time" my mom said.
      3. Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Keychain: "I don't have keys to the house (because our knob is electronic) but this one is cute, they could hang it from their purse or something if they don't have keys" My mom suggested.
      4. 555 Angel Number Bracelet: "May is the month number 5, no?" Mom asked, as she choose this one. And I am proud of her because she is learning Numerology.
      5. Clear Aventurine Quartz Chakra Balancing Bracelet: "Where were you hiding this one? Why I don't have one? You know I love these quarts bracelets, I am taking this!" My mom said as she stole the bracelet right in front of my eyes.
      6. Quartz Chakra Balancing Tree of Life Bracelet: "Put this one on your list too, I like it" She said.
      7. Big Tree of Life Keychain: "This is HUGE, put it on the list, I really wish I had some keys to use some of these keychains you have, they are gorgeous" My mom said.
      8. Good Luck Four Leaf Clover Crystal Charm Pendant + Necklace: "Oh! Don't forget this lucky one! This is the one I always wear when I go to the casino and it actually brings me good luck!" My mom pointed out.
      9. Yin-Yang Crystal Quartz Necklace (Pair): "And put this one on your list, because I think it would be nice if they split it, like they get one for themselves and the other for their mom, that would be nice." My mom suggested.

I hope this helps you prepare for your Mother's Day!

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Always Sending you lots of Love & Light 💖

Sir Helder Amos / @WeeklyTarot

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