The History Behind Weekly Tarot ~ Tarot Readings and Metaphysical Store by Sir Helder Amos

Sir Helder Amos Real Tarot Reader Near Me

 Hello, I am Sir Helder Amos, I am the Occultist and Entrepreneur behind Weekly Tarot / Flipping Esoteric LLC.

I started this project:"Weekly Tarot" with the sole purpose to share the Weekly Message of the Tarot Cards to bring some light, insights and help to the people struggling with life and their spirituality.

Because growing up, I always felt I needed spiritual guidance, specially during my Spiritual Awakening and Journey which started at the age of 19 and didn't fully grasp until my Saturn Return when I was 29. 

So on 2019 I started my twitter account @WeeklyTarot wanting to become that person and help I wish I had past, and little did I know that my account was going to be so successful, reaching thousands of followers over just a few weeks!

Which lead me to realize the positive impact I could have in the world. 

Thus, my goal with this project is to provide the spiritual means and tools for you to grow and elevate as a person by either Spiritual Services such as Tarot Readings, Consultations, Astrology Readings, etc or selling metaphysical items such as: Evil Eye Jewelry, Chakra Balancing Jewelry, Amulets, Crystals. 

Soon I hope to start selling Tarot Cards Decks, Crystals, Special Candles, Books and everything related to the Spiritual World. 

But this is an ongoing and growing project that I started from the ground, so it might take a couple of years or decades before grasping the whole concept I want this to become, but I am a Capricorn so I really know how to have patience and work on the long term! 

So wish me luck and join me in this journey, because I am sure that even though I've already been a couple of years into this, it is just the beginning of the big positive impact I want to bring to the world and I want you to be a part of it!

Always Sending you lots of Love & Light 💖

Sir Helder Amos / @WeeklyTarot 

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