The Best Approach in Life When Things Go based on a Tarot Reading I did for myself.

What do when things doesn't go as planned.

I want to share with you my 2 cents on the ups and downs of life, to motivate you and let you know that life is not perfect for anyone

I started this year 2023 on the right foot, January was a great month for my readings and store, and I did my first $1K month in the 3 years I have been in business, and for February I was only $80 away from repeating the achievement.

So my mind, soul, and spirit immediately assumed the best, and I expected all my months to be as good, but then March came in and it hit me hard.

In March, my sales dropped to 30% of what they were the previous month, and no matter what I did, I couldn't pick up the traction I had in January and February.

So, I began to despair and doubt myself and my journey, which brought disappointment and a lack of motivation to keep going.

Facing such negative feelings, I did a tarot reading on myself, and I got the Tower and the VIII of Pentacles.

Funny, no? How the tower always pops out from our cards when we have struggles!

But what surprised me was the VIII of Pentacles, a card that referred to keeping focused on your work.

Those two cards brought clarity about what to do when things go bad.

I was making the mistake of letting the bad times take over me, and I even considered quitting.

But in reality, when things go bad, we have to work harder, stay focused, and bounce ourselves back.

And that's what I did, I worked harder and I started making longer videos for Twitter and YouTube, I put in extra time and effort to pick up the business and my social media even though I felt stuck.

So, those two cards reminded me that the only way to bounce back is by working, and not by quitting or giving up.

Because giving up or quitting will never be an option when you want to manifest or make your dreams come true!

And although I think it is still too early to see how things will unfold on my journey to becoming a full-time tarot reader and business owner, I feel like things are little by little picking up again.

So I am sure that it will be just a matter of time before I make it because, as long as I keep trying, I will have the chance to succeed, whereas if I give up, it will be for sure that I will never make it!

But we'll have to wait and see, I'll keep you posted!

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