October Tarot Challenge: 31 Questions to Ask the Tarot Cards During October.

31 Questions to Ask Tarot during October!

This month, challenge yourself and your intuition to get better and elevate your consciousness to new heights with these 31 Questions to ask the tarot cards during the month of October.

These questions are thought to help you understand better your journey and to give you a glimpse of the energies that will be around your life this month.

You can add these questions to your Daily Pulls or Tarot Readings or use them as a guide or example of the different inquiries you can ask the tarot cards so you can have a new perspective or full insights about your life!

Here are the questions: 

  1. What’s coming in October?
  2. What will you manifest during October?
  3. What challenges will you face this month?
  4. What strengths will you possess in October?
  5. How will your Weekend go?
  6. What is the Spirit Guide Animal for this October?
  7. What blessings are coming to your life this month?
  8. How can you love yourself better this month?
  9. What will be revealed to you in October?
  10. What will the Portal 10/10 bring to your life?
  11. What relationships should you focus on nurturing this month?
  12. How should you treat yourself this month?
  13. Lucky or Unlucky? Friday the 13th Tarot Message!
  14. What will the New Moon in Libra bring to you?
  15. What’s coming to your life before October Ends?
  16. How can you balance your life this month?
  17. What should you be wary of during the month?
  18. How can you take care of your mental health this October?
  19. What lessons is the Universe teaching you this month?
  20. How can you tap into your intuition during October?
  21. What should you focus on before the month ends?
  22. What should you let go of this October?
  23. What will Scorpio Season bring into your life?
  24. What’s your ancestor’s message to wrap up this Month?
  25. What can you do to ensure a successful end to the year?
  26. What can you do to make this month special before it ends?
  27. Why should you be proud of this October?
  28. What will the Full Blood Moon bring to your life?
  29. How can you Prepare for November?
  30. Why should you be grateful for this October?
  31. Trick or Treat Halloween Tarot Message for you!

You are invited to join me in the challenge and share your readings using the hashtag #WeeklyTarotChallenge so I can see your readings and give you my insight into your interpretation of the cards.

I will also answer these questions for the collective on the daily videos I post on my social media: X, Instagram and Youtube. So make sure to follow to receive the special message the cards have for you this October!

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