May TarotScopes (Tarot + Horoscopes) For All Zodiac Signs.

Monthly Tarot Based Horoscopes for all Zodiac Signs ♈️ Aries  ♉️ Taurus  ♊️ Gemini ♋️ Cancer ♌️ Leo ♍️ Virgo ♎️ Libra ♏️ Scorpio  ♐️ Sagittarius  ♑️ Capricorn ♒️ Aquarius  ♓️ Pisces

May is starting today and it will be bringing along so many good vibes and blessings for all zodiac signs that I cannot wait for it to start unfolding and shaping our life with all the good it will bring!

But for the collective vibes, I am using my new deck: the Runik Tarot to see what's in store this month, so look for your Sun ☀ Moon ☽ , and Rising ✶ Sign and take what resonates:

♈️ Aries ~ King of Cups: This month you will finally be able to tame your emotions and feelings, giving you the sensation of having a newfound control over your life. Use this control wisely to make the right decisions for you and your future.

♉️ Taurus ~ VII of Swords: This month the Universe will give you the chance to outsmart the people who are trying to outsmart you, so be witty and cunning if needed, because what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

♊️ Gemini ~ The Emperor: This month you will empower yourself by believing in yourself and acknowledging your strength and capabilities, so take a moment to look back to the past and see all the struggles and situations you've overcome, because those have made you the powerful person you are today.

♋️ Cancer ~ Knight of Cups: The opportunities you were waiting for will arrive for you this month, so make sure to prepare yourself to accept them and to take up on the challenges and positive changes they will bring along!

♌️ Leo ~ VIII of Wands (Reversed): This month you will have to chance to prove everyone who didn't believe in you wrong, so stay true to who you are and stand by what you believe, because you are valid and completely fine the way you are.

♍️ Virgo ~ II of Wands: This month will bring along a map and course of action for you to achieve your dreams, so pay attention to all the signs around you, because the Universe will be pointing out the direction you need to take in your life in order to succeed.

♎️ Libra ~ X of Cups: Great celebrations and good times are in store for you this month! So take it easy, relax, and dedicate time for you to have fun and enjoy life with the ones you love! Because those are the moments that really count in life!

 ♏️ Scorpio ~ VIII of Pentacles: Things will start to look better for you in the financial aspect of life, so be patient and stay within your budget until you find your financial balance, so you can have an abundant life in the future.

♐️ Sagittarius ~ IX of Wands: Everything will be falling into the right place for you, so trust the bigger plan and take a moment every now and then to look back on your life and see how everything worked out in your favor becausethe Universe has always had your back!

♑️ Capricorn ~ Ace of Wands (Reversed): May will be a month of purification and transformation for you, so be open to change and leave the negative habits and comfort zone aside, because you still have a lot more to grow, evolve and get better!

♒️ Aquarius ~ Judgement (Reversed): This month try to focus on yourself and yourself only, so avoid wasting time or energy on the people who have hurt you in the past, because this May you will see Divine Punishment be imparted upon everyone who has wronged you!

♓️ Pisces ~ III of Cups (Reversed): This month you will be healing and improving the communications with the ones you love, so don't hold on to grudges or misunderstandings and be forgiving, because you only live once and the moments and time you have to spend with your loved ones is limited in this life.

And those are the special messages for this month! Let me know in the comments if you claim these messages or if they resonate with you!

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