How to Balance your Energy to Attract and Accept Blessings in your life!

Chakra Energy Balancing Energy to attract blessings and abundance!

Have you ever had the impression that when something good happens in your life, then something negative happens to balance things out?

That happens when you start receiving blessings and goodness in your life but you do not fully acknowledge it, process it, or transmute it into yourself to elevate your spirit and personal worth.

So when you don't feel worthy of what you have, the Universe will take it back, and that's when something negative happens so you can get back on "your balance".

That's the Origin of Bad Luck, but the good news is that you can change your luck and protect yourself by just doing the inner and shadow work required for you to accept good things happening in your life without repercussions, or getting amulets to help you do that transmutation of energy.

That's why I've put together this Chakra Box with 7 Quartz Crystals, 1 Changeable Black Obsidian Necklace, and 1 Copper Wire Necklace, to help you keep your energy flowing by unlocking your chakras and avoiding energy counterbalance in your life when good things start happening.

Because the inner-shadow work could take months or even years, but with this chakra box you just gotta wear the amulets, do a little chakra cleansing and unblocking with the crystals, and you'll start feeling the balance and seeing the energy flow in your life.

Of course, you would still have to do the inner shadow work to eventually not need these amulets, but it is a good solution for the moment.


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