August Special Dates and Angel Numbers for All Zodiac Signs

August Predictions for all Zodiac Signs

I hope you are enjoying your summer and the hot weather because more good things are going to be coming to your Sun β˜€οΈ Moon πŸŒ™ Rising 🌟 sign in the following dates:

β™ˆ Aries: 8/17
♉ Taurus: 8/8
β™Š Gemini: 8/28
β™‹ Cancer: 8/23
β™Œ Leo: 8/14
♍ Virgo: 8/2
β™Ž Libra: 8/29
♏ Scorpio: 8/25
♐ Sagittarius: 8/5
β™‘ Capricorn: 8/4
β™’ Aquarius: 8/12
β™“ Pisces: 8/31

So make sure to enjoy yourself those days, because good or fun things will happen!

Also it seems that the Universe is going to be very generous and providing abundance to those who catch their Angel Number for next month! So keep an eye in your surroundings to catch the message from your Angels!

β™ˆ Aries: 333
♉ Taurus: 11:11
β™Š Gemini: 69
β™‹ Cancer: 555
β™Œ Leo: 666
♍ Virgo: 007
β™Ž Libra: 999
♏ Scorpio: 444
♐ Sagittarius: 000
β™‘ Capricorn: 1010
β™’ Aquarius: 811
β™“ Pisces: 2222

So use this knowledge to plan your month ahead, and use those dates to schedule the events you consider to be important because on those dates the Universe will be giving you an extra hand for everything to be alright!

And remember that if you'd like to have glimpse of what might be coming to you next month and those dates, I am open for Same Day Online Tarot Readings.

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