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The Square and Compasses Evil Eye Keychain Free Mason

The Square and Compasses Evil Eye Keychain Free Mason

Weekly Tarot

Even tho the struggle is real, you are meant to emerge victorious from it and overcome all the obstacles in your path! So embrace yourself, because you've got this!

Evil Eye Protective Keychain with the symbolic Square and Compasses to help you keep yourself protected and repel negative vibes.

This Symbol is highly associated with the Freemasons because it represents the architecture of life and the spirit. 

This masonic evil eye keychain has been cleaned, cleansed, energetically treated, and charged using Quartz and Crystals to help you keep your energy protected. It comes packaged as shown in the pics with a Security Sticker on the back, so you know that no one has touched or tampered with it, to keep its energy pure and clean and exclusively for you. 

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