When you cannot understand your Tarot Reading!

What to When a Tarot Reading Doesn't resonate or doesn't make sense.
Have you ever had a Tarot or Psychic Reading that doesn't make sense?


Like, when you receive a message from the cards or your tarot reader, and it just doesn't ring any bell and makes no sense.

Well, that happened to me a lot when I was in my 20s. Back then I was reading for myself and still learning the art of Tarot Reading.

When that happened, I would just think that I hadn't fully grasped the whole meaning and concept of the cards, but little did I know that I was so wrong.

Because many times, those readings will come back to haunt me years later, and my mind would be blown up because the understanding I was failing to see back then would hit me suddenly.

The thing with Tarot Readings is that sometimes they bring messages about the future that won't make sense until certain conditions are met.

So it is not until that you are ready, and on the right time and place, that you will grasp the whole understanding of the reading.

But there is always a way to know if that's the case.

The next time you have a Tarot Reading that doesn't make sense, you could do the following:

Get a second opinion Tarot Reading.

If you are reading for yourself, get a professional to read the cards for you so you can compare the message. Or if you had your reading from a professional, read for yourself or look for another person to read the cards.

Just don't get your hopes too high, because it is normal for second opinion readings to bring back the same message you got the first time and you might still not understand the message, and that's a good sign because that confirms that the message you received was the right one.

After you have that confirmation, the only thing for you to do is to be patient and wait. Because the cards may be bringing you insights and messages for a situation that you are yet to live.

So, don't discard the reading from your mind, and keep it as an ace under your sleeve for when the time comes.

Because sometimes, Tarot Messages need time to mature for you to be able to understand them and learn the lessons they bring for you!

What do you think? Your opinion matters to me! So feel free to add your input on the comment section below!

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