The Tarot Cards in Lady Gaga's 911 Music Video.

 One of the things Lady Gaga is most known of is for relation with the Illuminati and all the occult knowledge and hints you can find on the Music Videos, so when I saw her video 911 back when it premiered on September 18, 2020 I couldn't help but noticing the resemblance of some of the characters with the Tarot Cards.

And here is are the Cards I spotted:

The Fool:  

From the very beginning of the video.

Image Vs Image

The Magician:

Ready to make magic!

Image Vs  Image

The High Priestess:

Growing and learning to trust her Intuition. 

Image Vs Image

The Emperor:

All almighty...

Image Vs Image


The Hierophant:

But just from a different angle:

Image Vs Image

The Chariot:

Because she seems ready to go to war!

Image Vs Image

The Strength:

But with a Serpent instead of a lion.

Image Vs Image


With a whole procession.

Image Vs Image


Balancing things out.

Image Vs Image

The Devil:

Because Lady Gaga is Satanic LOL

Image Vs Image

The Tower:


Image Vs Image

The Star:

But she dropped the vases!

Image Vs Image

The Judgment:

Waking-up people with a Mirror instead of the Trumpet

Image Vs Image

And finally the World:

Because same vibes...

Image Vs Image

BONUS: The Hanged Man

This guy could represent the Hanged Man but he is anything but hanging!

Image Vs Image

EXTRA BONUS: The Empress

This woman in purple, could represent the Empress, but it’s so tragic, that I don’t wanna ruin The Empress chill vibes.

Image Vs Image


So what do you think? Do you agree the characters of this video have a lot of resemblance with the Major Arcana Tarot Cards? Let me know in the comments and if you think of any other Card I might have missed let me know as well!

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