The importance of choosing to focus on the positive side.

The other day, my business mentor and I lived an experience that showed me the importance of choosing to focus on the good side of life.

A couple of days ago, after a long debate about what and where to eat, my business mentor just made up his mind about visiting the new Culver's in town.

And as was expected, the place was packed, there were almost no spots lefts for parking, and the line of cars in the drive-through almost came out of the parking lot.

So, we decided to dine in, the place was crowded inside too, but since we were hungry we weren't thinking right, so we ordered our food and went to the table to wait for it.

It didn't come to our mind that, since it was so crowded, our food was going to take a long while to arrive, and as time passed by my business mentor got hungrier and impatient.

When we had been waiting almost 30 minutes, my mentor was infuriated because of the long wait, and when he stood up to ask for a refund and go somewhere else our food arrived.

He was so pissed that the first thing he grabbed, when the waitress put the tray on the table, was the ticket to go to their website to place a formal complaint.

Meanwhile, I was so happy that the food had arrived that I dived into my cheese curds and burger, and started eating right away because the food was steaming hot and oh, so good!

As I was eating, I saw him negatively rate the place and write his long complaint about the delay in his food, and by the time I was done eating, he was also done with the complaint.

So when he finally took the first bite of his burger...

"And besides the wait, the food is cold!" he complained.

"Of course!" I told him "You just spent 15 minutes focusing on the negative side of life, writing a long review about how bad the wait was, that your food got cold."

And that's what happens when you choose to focus on the bad, you miss the good parts of life by putting your attention on the negative side.

Whereas, when you focus on the good side, you at least get the chance to enjoy what you have, even when it is not what you expected or wanted.

So the next time you face a situation like the one I lived with my business mentor, try to focus on the good and eat your food while it is hot, and don't let it get cold by placing a negative review because most of the time no one ever read those reviews anyways.

Have you lived or experienced something similar?

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