The Best Time Frame for Getting a Tarot Reading - How often should you consult the Tarot Cards?

One of the questions I get asked more frequently as a Tarot Reader is: "How often can I consult the cards and have a Tarot Reading?"
So in this post, I am going to be sharing my thoughts based on my studies and experience as a Professional Tarot Reader. 
The first thing you have to understand to determine a Time Frame for getting a Tarot Reading is that there are different types of readings, depending on what you want to ask the cards and the type of message you seek, but basically, you can have:
Daily Tarot Readings: Good for the collective and general vibes of the Universe, without going too deep, single pulls or small spreads, without asking questions and just receiving the general message from the Universe. 
Weekly Tarot Readings: Good for answering simple questions, clearing little doubts, and receiving weekly guidance, you can dive a little within your week and life, but keep it superficial, because Weekly Tarot Readings are more focused on collective and general messages.
Monthly Tarot Readings: Good for In-Depth Tarot Readings and to dig deeper into yourself, your journey, and to receive the message that the Universe has especially for you, also Monthly Readings are good to keep track of your growth and evolution month by month, and to get an in-depth answer to your questions or to understand better your situation and position in life. 

Yearly Readings: Good for helping you digest the year that you are leaving behind or to help you predict the vibes of the upcoming year. Yearly Tarot Readings are good to be conducted on New Year, on your Birthday, or on special dates that you remember every year and that can help you compare your life. 

Those are the different Times for getting a Tarot Reading, but personally, I think that the Best Time Frame for Getting a Tarot Reading is every 21 Days because that's the time the Universe takes to transform or shift energy around you, so unless something drastic happens before the lapse of the 21 Days after your reading, it is likely that you would receive a repetitive message from the cards if you get Tarot Readings too often.
Also, 21 Days is the time it takes you to adapt to new habits and to change your life, so it is the best interval to allow some time not only for the Universe to do its magic but also for yourself to do your own magic and accept and adapt to your new feelings, situations or surroundings! 
But of course, like everything in the spiritual world, there is not a perfect time frame for getting a Tarot Reading, so you would have to learn to listen to your intuition and get a reading every time that you feel like it because you will always know better about what's best for you! So, drop a comment letting me know how often you like getting Tarot Readings for Yourself.
Just avoid getting addicted to Tarot Readings, because you have to live your life by yourself and not through what the cards say. 
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I was so happy with my reading. You were so polite and attentive and very patient and concerning. I didn’t feel like you were rushing and the fact that you wanted to know if I was satisfied was so warm and satisfying. Thank you for answering questions making sure I understood and being so patient and understanding. I will definitely come back to you again thank you and many blessings.

Lakiva Moore

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