Tarot Journey: 30 Questions and Prompts to ask the Cards during November 2023


30 questions to ask Tarot during the month of November

Hello November! 

As this month comes into the picture and 2023 starts to wrap, you may find yourself at the cusp of change, ready to embrace the unknown.

So to help you navigate through November I've curated a set of 30 thought-provoking questions, each designed to unlock insights, provide guidance, and inspire self-discovery throughout the month. 

These are excellent prompts and questions to explore various aspects of life, relationships, personal growth, spirituality, and self-discovery through tarot readings to offer you a diverse array of perspectives to contemplate and discuss with the cards.

They can be used for personal reflection or for offering readings to others, so feel free to use them however you'd like.

Just seek the wisdom of the cards, and let your intuition and inner self be your guide in the coming month.

Here are 30 Questions to Ask Tarot Cards During November: 

30 Prompts to Ask Tarot Cards for Spiritual guidance during November

1. What’s coming this November?

2. How is your love life going to be this month?

3. What’s your money looking like this month?

4. What opportunities are coming for you this month?

5. What Animal Spirit will be guiding you this month? (Use an Animal Spirit Deck)

6. Why are they Stalking you in Silence?

7. Feeling Lost? What’s the Guidance from the Universe?

8. What is your special person not telling you?

9. Are they jealous of you?

10. Will your special person come back?

11. How can you communicate better with others?

12. Why are you single?

13. What’s coming to your life with the Scorpio New Moon?

14. How can you find inner peace?

15. What to let go during Scorpio Season?

16. What do you need to change to be happy?

17. What blockages do you have in your life?

18. How can you improve your love life?

19. How do you handle your overthinking?

20. What lessons do you need to learn from your past relationship?

21. What’s coming before the month ends?

22. What will the Sagittarius Season bring to your life?

23. What should you be grateful for this Thanksgiving?

24. Cop or Nah? Should you get what you want this Black Friday?

25. How to ignite your inner light?

26. What blessings will be coming in December?

27. What changes the Beaver Full Moon in Gemini will bring to your life?

28. How to Manifest what you want before the year ends?

29. How to prepare for 2024?

30. What lessons did you learn this month?

With those questions, you could make November a month of clarity, growth, and transformation.

Whether you're an experienced Tarot reader or just starting your journey, these questions are here to spark your curiosity and help you tap into your intuition no matter your level.


So grab your cards and dive into the messages they can have for you this month! 

Because that could be just what you need to thrive and bloom in your life.

Always Sending you lots of Love & Light 💖 

Sir Helder Amos

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