Predictions Tarot Readings Now Open for 2024 New Year!

2024 Tarot Readings Predictions Spreads Online Same Day Booking Real Tarot Reader

The most awaited Tarot Reading Spreads are back!

For a Limited Time Until Jan 15.

Are you ready to peek into what's coming to your life this New Year?

2024 New Year Prediction Tarot Readings Spreads are Here!

The New Year Predictions Tarot Reading is the best way to have a glimpse into the energy that will be transiting in your life and prepare you for the biggest events and obstacles you may face in 2024.

This reading is full of insight into all aspects of your life because each card will bring a message for what's coming in General, Love, Finances, and Work/Career/Studies Topics, so you get a full scoop of your 2024 before it happens!

Knowledge is power!

So the more you know about how your year will go, the more that you can use your power to build and create the future you desire.

These are three Spreads you can book or use in your personal readings:

A 3 Cards Tarot Reading Spread:

2024 Tarot Reading Spread Example

This short overlook to your year can bring to you the most important events and energy in your life for next year for each third of the year.

So each card will represent 4 months of next year, so you can have a general outlook of how the year will unfold for you.

The 5 Cards Tarot Reading Spread:

5 Cards Spread for 2024 Tarot Readings Online DYI examples for beginners

This is a more in-depth reading that besides giving you a peak into what's coming to you next year, it will also give you a vision of your personal growth and journey with a Significator card to use as guidance.

For this reading the first card will be the significator and the following 4 cards will represent each quarter of the year 2024.

The Unlimited 2024 Prediction Tarot Reading:

2024 Tarot Reading Prediction

This is a one-hour video Call Format Only in which you will receive a very detailed, month by month, message for your 2024.

This reading spread is 20 Tarot Cards: 1 Significator + 12 Cards, one for each month + Quarterly and Semesters.

4 Oracle Messages

Animal Spirit Guide For the Year.

And any other questions that come to your mind that the time allows.


All these readings will provide you with the tools and knowledge to make 2024 your best year yet. If you want to dive into your 2024, book your Predictions reading, now before it is too late, as this reading closes on January 15.


3 Cards Tarot Reading Spread: $29.995

Cards Tarot Reading Spread: $39.99

Unlimited Tarot Reading: $99.99

Click Here to Book your session now and let's discover what's in store for you in 2024!

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