October TarotScopes ( Tarot Reading + Horoscope)

October 2023 Monthly Horoscope and Tarot Reading

I know it is a little late, but it's better late than never, so here are the vibes for this month!

Look out for your Sun ☀️ Moon 🌙 Rising 🌟 to get the full scoop of the message my Disney Villains Tarot Cards have for this month!

♈️ Aries ~ Justice: This month, things will fall into the right place for you and you will start understanding the "How?" or "Why?" certain stuff happened or didn't happen in your life, so keep an open mind.

♉️ Taurus ~ Page of Cups (Reversed): Be careful not to trust the words they say to you and instead believe more in the actions they take or make for you, because making promises is easy but pulling through is what really matters.

♊️ Gemini ~ VIII of Cups: An overflowing torrent of emotions is headed your way this month, so don't let them overwhelm you, instead, just try to navigate through them, and accept and enjoy everything that takes place in your life this month.

♋️ Cancer ~ High Priestess: This month, focus on acknowledging your intuition and all the inner knowledge that you have, so listen to your body, your gut, and the hunches you are feeling, because they want to protect you.

♌️ Leo ~ X of Cups: Success is guaranteed this month for you, so don't heed intrusive thoughts and empower yourself to accomplish your dreams and goals, because if you can envision it you can make it happen!

♍️ Virgo ~ II of Swords (Reversed): There might be some rejection in your life this month, but don't let that disappoint you or discourage you, because Rejection is Divine Protection, instead keep working hard and fight through your path to make what you desire happen.

♎️ Libra ~ IV of Cups: This month, you'll have a very beautiful aura surrounding you, so make sure to enjoy this month and keep yourself protected and away from all the bugs your inner light could attract.

 ♏️ Scorpio ~ Queen of Wands (Reversed): There are always two sides to every story, so avoid making judgments without being fully aware of the whole situation, as it will help you avoid drama and problems this month.

♐️ Sagittarius ~ King of Wands (Reversed): This month, try to relax and give yourself a break from the constant pressure you put on yourself about your future because it won't make it get here any faster.

♑️ Capricorn ~ VII of Cups: This month, make sure to grasp all the blessings and opportunities the Universe will be sending even when it might feel like a lot and too much to handle, know that you are capable because you are just being granted what you wished for.

♒️ Aquarius ~ II of Cups (Reversed): Be patient and avoid making romantic decisions this month, so take your time to calm your emotions and see through the fog that you might be having in your heart. Don't rush anything.

♓️ Pisces ~ II of Wands (Reversed): Make sure to heal your relationship this month, because it is important that you let go of the grudges and negative emotions you are feeling so you can wrap up your year with a better spirit and outlook.

And these are the vibes for this month! Use this knowledge wisely to make the right decisions because you're always going to be the master and creator of your own future.

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