My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke! ~ What does it mean when your amulet break?

Something really strange happened to me last month.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may know that last month I went to Bush Gardens to see the Christmas Lights and Shows, so I decided to wear my Festive Christmas Shirt because it was the perfect time to wear it.

<- This is the Shirt in Question. 
Very Festive with lots of Santas and Snowmen because I love Christmas so much, since it is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

And since the moment I stepped into the park, I started getting a lot of comments and compliments about it.

It seems like everyone in the lines for the rides and walking around had a comment or something to say about my shirt because they were like: "Merry Christmas! I love your shirt!"

So I honestly thought that many people loved my shirt and that they were being nice to me.

But by the end of the day, it happened, as I was walking out of the park I felt something crawling down my left hand.

I jumped and screamed, shaking my hand vigorously because I thought it was a bug or something. But to my surprise, it was the Red Evil Eye Threaded Bracelet I was wearing that day what came out flying out of my hand.

When I saw that I couldn't believe it, so I went to pick it up to see what had happened.

Initially, I thought it had gotten loose with all the spins and twirls of the roller coasters. But when I tried to put it back on me, I noticed that all the knots which kept it together were undone, and it fell apart in my hand, leaving only two separated red strings between my fingers.

Then it hit me... and it broke my heart.

Because I understood that probably some of the comments I had received about my shirt weren't honest and that my Evil Eye Bracelet had protected me from negative vibes, envy and fake smiles and comments directed at me that day.

I was so shocked that it almost ruined my day...

Almost... because I transmuted the sadness that was starting to flood my heart into gratitude for the protection the bracelet had granted me.

And I came back home feeling happy for the fun day I had had, grateful for the protection I was granted and mystified by the peculiar, if not paranormal, turn-around of events that concluded my night.

But that is why I always recommend to use Evil Eye Bracelets when you go to crowded places because you don't what vibes or hidden intentions you could come across with the people you find in your path.

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