How 3 Positive Words a Day are changing my life!!

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It has been over two months since I published my book: Today, I am Feeling... which is a dynamic word search book in which you will find positive words to help you align with the best vibes!

And I gotta say I am impressed by the positive effect this book has made on me!

Especially since I wasn't expecting it!

Because, originally, I made this book for entertainment, and as a way to just bring a smile or put some positive words in my mind each morning.

But once I got my first copy, I took it religiously as a self-care practice, and my mind and perspective of life started to change.

As the days passed, I noticed that I have been struggling less and less with my depression and anxiety and that instead of thinking the worst, I am actually looking forward to the positive words I am finding in this book every day!

So, I am really amazed by how just 3 positive words a day are making my life better!!

It is really unbelievable how the power of words and our minds can have such an impact on our life!

And since I want you to experience this, and to jump on the train of good vibes!

Here is a challenge for you!

I challenge you to get this book, incorporate it into your morning self-routine, and stick to it for at least 60 days!

So every morning, you are going to take this book into your hands, grab a pen and let your intuition guide you to the three words and vibes for that day!

Then you are going to write "Claim" at the bottom of each page, and take a picture to share it with me on Twitter using the hashtag #TodayIamfeelingChallenge

Because that will re-wire your brain and tune you into a positive outlook on life!

And if by the end of the second month of dedicating 5 minutes every morning to this book you don't feel more positive or optimistic, just let me know and I WILL REFUND YOU the money for the book!

So there is nothing to lose and so much to win!!

You can purchase your book by clicking here, or if you are outside of the U.S. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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