Are the Tarot Cards Real?

As a Tarot Reader one of the questions I get asked more frequently is if the Tarot Cards are real and what is the magic behind them.

In my opinion the realness of the Tarot is going to vary from person to person, because it is going to depend on the spirituality of each person, since the magic behind it relies in the belief one could have for the cards. 

Because I think the Tarot Cards are pretty much like religion.

Therefore, since the power of religion relies on the belief and faith we could have on our Spiritual Beliefs, it could make it real for you, and that's all that matters: your beliefs. 

So for believers the Tarot Cards are real, but for non believers the Tarot Cards might seem just as a joke, and they might actually go the extra mile to try to deny the power or realness of the Tarot Cards just as many scientist and atheist try to deny the power of G-d.

That's why it is really hard to say if the cards are real or not, because it is a very subjective topic and everyone has a different opinion or belief about them.

For me, that I conduct Online Tarot Readings for myself and for clients and since I have seen the cards hit the right spot all the time, the Tarot Cards are pretty REAL, and even scary some times due to their accuracy and how direct they can be with the message they have. 

So instead of looking on the internet if the cards are real or not, you just have to ask yourself do you believe in the cards? And depending on what you believe you are going to have the answer you seek. 

But if you are uncertain about your beliefs and remain in the skeptical zone about the Tarot Cards, then the only way for you to know is to get a Tarot Reading and find out.

Because if you have at least a pinch of belief inside of you, the cards will connect to you and their message will resonate to you, bringing you clarity and guidance in your path.

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