April's Tarotscopes ( Tarot + Horoscopes)

The warmth of spring it's here!

So as we shake up the last days of cold weather and start blooming like the flowers during this season, let's find out the message my Disney Villains Tarot Deck has for us this month.

Look for your Sun ☀ Moon ☽ and Rising ✶ Sign and take what resonates:

♈️ Aries ~ Page of Coins (Reversed): It is time to get serious with your finances, so use your money wisely and avoid unnecessary expenses or purchases this month, because money is energy, and you should treat and protect your money as you do your energy!

♉️ Taurus ~True Love: This month don't let anything or anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't love in your life, and instead stand up for yourself and stay true to your principles, beliefs, and love, because this is your life and you should be the only one with an opinion on your passions and doings.

♊️ Gemini ~ VI of Coins: This month you will finally find some financial stability and a way to manage and handle better your finances, so once you've reached that point try to keep it out and don't go back to the old bad habits of overspending and, instead, focus on creating your financial freedom.

♋️ Cancer ~ V of Wands: Creating a self-care routine this month can help you find the balance and peace of mind you are seeking, so be patient and kind with yourself, and dedicate time to put your thoughts and emotions together, because your life will get easier if you bring some order into your heart and mind.

♌️ Leo ~ VII of Wands: This month the path for the realization of your dreams will open and the direction you have to take will be shown to you, so stay alert and keep an eye out for the signs the Universe will be sending you because you are about to be Divinely guided.

♍️ Virgo ~ The Moon (Reversed): This month you will sense a shift in the energy within you, and a new need to shine and be noticed will be arising, so use this new feeling to motivate you to come out of your shell and show the world who you truly are and all you have to offer!

♎️ Libra ~ III of Swords (Reversed): This spring your heart will finally bloom and leave behind the pain and trauma from the past, so focus on letting go of those negative feelings, and accept the healing, lessons and newfound feelings that will be emerging within you for you to enjoy more your life.

♏️ Scorpio ~ Strength: Don't chase, attract. This month try just to go with the flow and roll with whatever comes your way, so don't overextend yourself trying to make things happen and instead trust that what is meant for you will simply find you.

♐️ Sagittarius ~ IV of Wands (Reversed): Stay humble and grounded, because the worst mistake you could make this month is taking things for granted! So, don't let the success and achievements you've recently attained get over your head, and instead, stay focused and work hard for keeping things happening for you!

♑️ Capricorn ~ VIII of Swords: It's better to be disliked for being who you are than liked for being someone you are not, so this month stay true to yourself and don't pretend or put on an act to be liked by others, because honesty and sincerity are always more appreciated than pretensions.

♒️ Aquarius ~ The High Priestess (Reversed): Life will get busy for you this month, which will turn into a challenge for you to stay connected to your higher self, so no matter what happens, try to not get overwhelmed and prioritize yourself, always listening to your intuition and yourself first, because the bests pieces of advice always come from within.

♓️ Pisces ~ Page of Wands: Blessings and opportunities will be arriving in your life this month! So stay hopeful and trust the Universe that everything will be fine and that all your wishes will be granted because it is written in the greater plan that you will succeed and be happy!

And those are the special messages for this month! It seems that we all are going to be blooming and thriving as spring unfolds!

I hope it resonates with you and helps you have a beautiful April!

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