7 Types of Rest and Tarot Signs that You need a Break!

types of rest you need to improve your life

In the last few days, I have been pushing myself too much trying to make better content for you, and to do better in my store.

So, I ended up over-extenuating myself, not resting enough, and loosing my connection with my higher self.

That's why today I wanna talk to you about the 7 Types of Rest there are, and Tarot Signs that we need to take a break.

1. Physical Rest.

Because your body is your instrument to make your dreams come true, so try to sleep at least 7 hours a day, practice yoga or get a massage to relax your physical body so it can be in good form for you to do your daily tasks.

If you see the IV of Swords in your readings you might not be resting enough.

2. Mental Rest.

Because it is your mind what finds creative solutions and generate new ideas to do better in life, so try to take short breaks from mental activities every 3 hours throughout your day, and you'll find yourself doing a better and faster job.

If you see the VIII of Pentacles Reversed in your readings, you need a break.

3. Sensory Rest.

Your phone, computer, and the tv can overstimulate your senses and drain your energy, so every day give your senses a break by unplugging yourself from electronics so you can just connect with yourself.

Seeing the Page of Cups in your Readings is a sign that you need this type of rest.

4. Creative Rest.

You don't have to be constantly creating to be enough or worthy of what you have, so take your time to just be alive and enjoy nature, listen to music, read a book or play a game without pressing yourself.

Seeing the Star in your readings is a sign for you to live more at the moment.

5. Emotional Rest.

Your heart also deserves time to rest from all the emotions you get to experience on a daily basis, so always take some minutes a day to empty your heart and feel nothing, so you don't get overwhelmed by your feelings.

Seeing the III of Swords in your readings, it's an indicator of over feeling.

6. Social Rest.

People can be draining and their energy can affect yours, so taking Social Breaks to rest and be alone is always important to recharge your batteries.

Of course, seeing the Hermit in your Readings indicates that you need more alone time.

7. Spiritual Rest.

Whether you believe it or not your spirit gets tired with all the praying, shadow work, and constantly looking for signs or hidden meanings, so sometimes you have to give it a break and just enjoy the mundane pleasures of earth.

The Devil Card always connotes that you need to live more in this earthly realm.

Incorporating these 7 Different Types of Rest into your life could help you align better with your Higher Self and improve your life.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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