Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day Tarot Reading Gift ideas

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope and pray you get to have an amazing St. Valentine's Day today with the ones you love, starting with yourself! 😉

Because love should always start from within and then exteriorize.

So, today celebrate your self-love and then the love you have for others!

Because it is not very often that we have these special days to treat ourselves or others.

And if you noticed, I used the II of Cups Tarot Card for this Valentine's Day banner because I think it is the card of true love, not the lovers.

Since the Lovers, Major Arcana Tarot Card, most of the time just represents passions and illusions that wear out with time.

But the II of Cups is the only card in the Tarot that, I think, represents the eternal and balanced give and take of what a relationship truly is.

So, don't forget to treat yourself or your loved ones, this St. Valentine's day because when you give out with love, it all comes back to you. And I have the best gift to do it: The February St. Valentine's Day Mystery Box! 

Because it is filled with the best quality bracelets and necklaces that have been energetically treated to provide you protection, balance and alignment. 

I only have 8 left! So order yours now before it is too late! 


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