Different Tarot Readings that come with Age!

Aging with Tarot Cards how Tarot Reading Change as we age and mature in life.


During my 5 years of experience doing hundreds of Tarot Readings, I've noticed that they hit differently depending on your age and the stage of life.

So, this is the type of message you could receive based on your age:

If you are in your late teens Tarot Readings will bring messages of self-discovery, and provide guidance for understanding and accepting yourself to unlock all your potential.

At this age, Tarot Readings can be Eye Opening and help you find your path and purpose in life.

If you are in your 20s Tarot Readings can be very wild, because at this age the cards bring a lot predictions and messages for your future self.

They provide the tools and point out the issues you need to address in order to align with your future self.

When you are in your 30s Tarot Readings are usually very reassuring, they can help you confirm that you are on the right path and that everything is going to be fine.

They also bring messages to fine-tune your life to help you find balance and clarity of mind, heart, and spirit.

By the time you reach your 40s Tarot Readings have a radical change and start pushing to have a lot of fun and enjoy life because you only live once (YOLO).

So they bring encouraging messages to go and do those things you've always wanted to do because your time to do them is now.

In your 50s Tarot Readings calm down again, and start bringing messages about healing and finding closure to the lingering events, situations, or people who taught you the lessons in the worst possible way.

So they help you free yourself and release you from your burdens.

When you are in your 60s Tarot Readings become empowering again, because they motivate you to enjoy the vitality and strength that you still have within you.

They encourage you to use your wisdom and experience to enjoy life and complete your bucket list before it's too late!

As you get old and reach the 70s, Tarot Readings messages change again to start bringing reminiscences from the past and all the good and bad moments you lived.

So they bring a very nice review of your life and understanding of why everything happened the way it happened.

And I've never had a client over 80 years old, so I have no idea what type of message a Tarot Reading could bring for people that age.

Although, I have the feeling that it will bring preparation for accepting and moving on to the next stage after this earthly realm.

Nevertheless, everyone's journey is different, so it doesn't mean you'll only receive messages based on your age,  but you'll get the message you need based on your situation.

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