Best Days for Having Tarot Readings

Did you know that every day of the week is associated with an Astro that rules it?

And depending on that Astro, it can boost your Tarot Readings to give you better messages and insights.

- Monday also known as Moon-Day is obviously ruled by the Moon and the Goddess Selene, which boosts your intuition and connection with the Universe.

So Mondays are good for having General Tarot Readings to check up on your hunches, clarify your doubts, or confirm the feelings you may have because your boosted intuition will help you communicate with your higher self.

- Tuesday is ruled by Mars and the God of War, Ares, which will empower you and boost your strength and confidence to fight your battles and don't give up.

So Tuesdays are good for having Tarot Readings to find clarity and creative solutions to the problems, struggles, and obstacles you are facing in life because Ares' guidance will provide you insights to win and succeed in your battles.

- Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and Hermes, the Messenger God, so it will boost your communications skills and your empathy to accept the differences and build stronger connections.

So Wednesdays are good for having Family, Friendships, and Communication Tarot Readings about misunderstandings or conflicts you have with other people, so under its influence, you could be more empathetic and understand others' points of view to fix or mend the relationships in your life.

- Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, and the God of thunder, Zeus, which is also known as the Father Planet, and like all fathers, it loves to spoil its child.

So Thursdays are good for having Financial Tarot Readings about your manifestations and plans for the future, because Jupiter is the Planet Benefactor, so it will provide you with the insights you need to improve your finances and make your dreams come true.

- Friday is ruled by Venus and Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love which will boost love messages and will help you understand your feelings and your love relationships better.

So Fridays are good for having Love Tarot Readings about your romantic life and your special person because Love Tarot Readings on this day will bring the most accurate messages about how to align, improve, and/or fix your love life whether you are single or in a relationship.

- Saturday is ruled by Saturn and the God of time, Cronus, which is the planet and God of Karma, Divine Justice, Divine Time, and Divine Punishment, basically the executor of life.

So Saturdays are good for having readings about how to ease your karma, heal yourself, move on from the past, and be better because Saturn will bring the right messages for you to mend your ways and avoid divine punishment for your actions.

(Extra Tip: Also doing charity, giving money, or helping others on Saturday helps you ease and liberate yourself from your Karma.)

- Sunday is ruled by the Sun and Apollo, the God of the Light, which boosts your happiness, joy, and purpose, helping you align with those feelings and with your path.

So Sundays are good for having Future Tarot Readings about predictions, your purpose, and motivational messages because Tarot Readings on this day will bring light and positive insights about your life, providing you with the messages you need to hear in order to find happiness and fulfillment in life.

So if it is not an emergency and you are planning to have a Tarot Reading in the upcoming days, try to schedule it accordingly with the right day to get a boost from the planet ruler, so you get a better and more accurate message and insight from the Tarot Cards.

But if on the other hand, you cannot wait to receive the message from the Universe and the Tarot Cards, there is nothing wrong with having a Love Tarot Reading on a Monday or a Financial Reading on a Saturday.

Because Tarot Readings do not have a fixed time or schedule, since the right time for you to have a Reading is when you need it and feel like it.

So listen to your intuition and let it guide you when it comes to the best day for having a Tarot Reading because deep down you will always know better the best Divine Time for you to have a reading.


Monday: Intuition / Confirmation / General Tarot Readings
Tuesday: Problems / Obstacles / Solutions Tarot Readings
Wednesday: Communication / Friends / Family Tarot Readings
Thursday: Manifestation / Financial Tarot Readings
Friday: Love Tarot Readings
Saturday: Improvement / Karmic Tarot Readings
Sunday: Purpose / Future Tarot Readings

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