33 Spiritual Lessons on my 33rd Birthday!

At exactly this time, 33 years ago, I was born, and looking back I feel like I've been on a spiritual journey all my life so, to celebrate my birthday, I want to share with you the most important Spiritual Lessons that I've learned on my journey as an occultist and Tarot Reader.

  1. Spiritual Awakenings Suck: But they are very rewarding and show you the right direction for your life.
  2. Your Spirituality can be Flexible: You don't have to square yourself in just one belief, religion, or craft, be open to mix and match, and find what suits you.
  3. The Universe works in Mysterious ways: And you just have to trust, accept, and go with the flow of the greater plan It has for you.
  4. The Universe is always communicating with you: Pay attention to your surroundings, because you are always connected with the Universe, and the message or sign you are in need to hear is usually right before your eyes.
  5. There is no right or wrong: Because it is all about perspective, especially with religion and beliefs, and the best you can do is accept the differences and find common ground.
  6. Magic is Real: You just have to believe in it. 
  7. Love is the Greatest Magic: Love can make miracles happen, lift curses, heal you, and help align with your path, really, everything is possible with Love.
  8. The Universe's Help Awaits you Halfway: Because the Universe can only help you that much, you have to do your part too, and take action toward your goals.
  9. The intention is everything: Because the intentions you have when you do things are the clear orders you give to the Universe.
  10. Disbelief doesn't grant protection: Your skepticism will not save you from being cursed or evil-eyed, so it is always better to be protected. But don't worry, I've gotcha, you can buy protective evil eye jewelry and amulets in my store.
  11. As Above so Below: Everything that you experience on earth is just a consequence of your spiritual higher self. So if you want to do better in this material realm, you have to elevate your spirit.
  12. Money is Energy: And as energy, it should be treated, protect your money just as much as you protect your energy. 
  13. Your mind creates your reality: Learn to master your mind and you will gain the power to bend reality at your own will. 
  14. There is Knowledge in Everything and Everywhere: Don't disregard the lessons you can learn from others and your surroundings. Ants could teach you how hard work and dedication takes you far, and a homeless person could teach you how to survive on the streets. 
  15. Knowledge is Power: The more you know, the more resources you have to make things happen.
  16. Knowledge without Actions is worth nothing: Because knowing things is not enough, you have to make use of and put your knowledge into practice to elevate yourself and improve your life. 
  17. Life is about balance: It is possible to live an exciting, happy, and high life all the time because when you sign up for Life you do it for the whole ride, and darkness and struggles are, unfortunately, part of it too, so learning to balance the good and bad, the high and lows, the light and darkness of life it's the best you can do. 
  18. You Get What you Give: Life is like a boomerang, so everything you give out will always end up returning to you, so always try to spread love and light to get positive vibes in return. 
  19. Everything happens for a reason: And that reason is most of the time enclosed to you, until later on, so learn to accept and trust the process.
  20. The Past Makes Sense as Time Passes: Every now and then take a moment to look back, acknowledge your journey, and see how everything ended up falling into the right place, so you can understand how the events of the past made the person you are today.
  21. Everything and Everyone has a Purpose: The System of the Universe is perfect, and everything and everyone is part of it, so learn to appreciate the worthiness of it all.
  22. Words have Power: Most of the time you end up becoming all you proclaim, so learn the power of words and how to use them in your favor, and if you are into manifestations you should check out my Book about How to Create Powerful and Effective Affirmations. 
  23. What's Meant for You Will Simply Find You: As easy as that, so don't struggle too much to make things happen, and instead learn to attract your opportunities. 
  24. Doing Shadow Work is not that Bad: Getting to know your demons is scary, but once you befriend them, you realize that Shadow Work could be very rewarding. 
  25. You Have the Power to Choose: Even if you don't have the power to control what happens or doesn't happen to you, you have the power to choose how you react to what indeed happens to you, so in those scenarios always try to choose to see the bright side of everything. 
  26. Your Plan May Not Match the Bigger Plan: So don't struggle too much, instead, learn to be flexible and to adapt to the different purposes the Universe brought you for on this earth, even when it is not what you wanted them to be!
  27. Energies are Contagious: So you gotta be very wary of who you surround yourself with because the people you chose to be with could either elevate you or bring you down.
  28. Every Action has a Price and a Consequence: Like, EVERYTHING, nothing is free in this life. NOTHING. So be very conscious of your acts and doings, because everything you do could bring positive and negative consequences to your life, especially to your spiritual life.
  29. You Don't Need Much to be Happy: Happiness is more of a mindset, and when you learn to be appreciative and grateful for what you have, you'll realize how little you need to be actually happy. 
  30. Change is Inevitable: It is impossible to stay the same or keep the same ideals or beliefs forever, so understand that outgrowing people, habits, and beliefs is normal and actually part of your evolution.
  31. Divine Retribution is the Best Revenge: Because you don't have to do anything, but just wait to see the wrongdoers fall and fail for their own actions and mischief.
  32. Nothing Really Matters: Life is not meant to be taken too seriously because everyone is going to die at the end, so what you do or what you stop yourself for doing will soon be forgotten and of no importance. 
  33. Prayers are Always Heard: The Universe always listens to you, and never puts obstacles in your path that you cannot overcome, so learn to trust that everything that happens is always the best for you, and that you are always divinely guided and protected in your journey. 

Those are the most important Spiritual Lessons I've learned so far in my 33 years of life.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you can learn from my lessons.

Now, I am looking forward to seeing what new lessons I will learn this year because I am curious to know if the Age of Christ will bring more enlightenment or the awakening of hidden powers I am yet to know I have!

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Always Sending you lots of Love & Light 💖 

Sir Helder Amos / @WeeklyTarot 



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